As the saying goes, “form follows function, not the other way around”.

With watches, it is no different. Wristwatches (for men at least) were born out of the requirement to synchronise military manoeuvres. In other words, your life depended on its accuracy. In this modern age, the need for that kind of life-threatening accuracy has gone for the majority of wristwatch wearers (thank god!). But we all still love watches that have or have had an excuse to exist. Whether you are sailing a yacht, timing a deep dive, flying a plane, racing a car or fighting a war, time needs to tracked and it needs to be accurate.

Wrist Weapons exists to report on watches, old and new, that have a purpose. Commonly known as “tool watches”, these pieces have a fundamental use in your life.  It might be a solid waterproof casing, a chronograph or a GMT hand. We view time pieces are tools, not fashion items. As such, we aim to showcase pieces that reflect function and not form. 

Based out of Hong Kong, the largest watch market in the world, Wrist Weapons hope to provide you with some on-trend coverage of watches that appeal to the warrior in all men. We hope you enjoy.

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